VresNow.com is a new and modern guide of Business, Useful Information, Sights and Offers. Its basic goal is to become the most necessary tool for the professionals and the companies it hosts, as well as for everyone that looks for information on one or more of the abovementioned categories.

For professionals and companies, VresNow.com is a presentation and listing website that helps them to present their business. Especially, VresNow.com is for any user a technologically and functionally innovative search engine which quickly and easily provides results from a wide range of thousands of companies in Cyprus, Greece and the whole world, as well as sights and useful information.

The engine uses state-of-the-art technologies of search and big data such as Apache Solr, filters, search based on radius/point of interest, autocomplete of combined terms (i.e. Pathologists Athens Attica), performance optimization, display of results depending on word relevance or distance, maps, synonyms and various other features. Moreover, VresNow.com provides relevant results based on the region or the search category so that users can see additional interesting content. It also helps users with suggested results when the search provides no results, presents recent and popular searches for quick navigation and keeps users up to date concerning services, destinations or general information through the professionals' blog and offers.