This is the largest wax museum and an important contribution to the history of Greece. Everything in this museum -from the conception of the idea to the execution of the plan-  is the creation of a man who loved his country and chose this special way to depict elements of Greek history. The museum opened in 1995 to provide guests with images from the pre-revolutionary period (the foundation of the Friendly Society, the secret school, etc.), the revolution of 1821 (the Thieves, the death of Ali Pasha etc.) and images of the Second World War (women of Pindos etc.). Paul Vrellis, a talented sculptor, created wax models of known and unknown fighters in order to preserve the history of the place.

Open hours

  • 10:00-16:00 in winter
  • 09:30-17:00 in summer
12th km. of the National road of Ioannina