In Voufrado (32 km. from Kalamata) you will find the canyon of Polylimnio. It is a hidden paradise of small lakes and waterfalls, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards.

All the lakes have weird names such as Mavrolimna, Kadi, Kadoula, Lucky’s, Italian’s, Panagos, Stathoula etc. and were unknown to the general public until recently.

In the summer many travelers visit the lakes. One of the most famous ones is Kadoula which got its name from its shape as it resembles a heart. The waterfall offers a unique experience to the bathers, while the adventurous ones can enjoy spectacular dives in the deep waves of the lake from the surrounding rocks.

The waters of the gorge come from Mesopotamos and after they cross Tzanes Bridge at Petalidi, they end up in the Messinian Gulf. Moreover, in the canyon you can find a cave with beautiful butterflies.

You can reach Polylimnio if you follow the road from Kalamata to Pylos. At Charavgi Village you will find the footpath that will lead you to the lakes.