At the entrance of the port you will see a bronze mermaid with a crown and a sailboat in her left hand. The sculpture was made by sculptress Maria Papaconstantinou in order to welcome the visitors of the island.

At the entrance of the port you will also see the statue of a mother who bids farewell to her children who are going on a trip.

At the square of Naftosini you will find the monument of the Unknown Sailor, which is the first statue in Greece that was devoted to foregone sailors. The names of the sailors’ of the island who were lost in the sea are written around the statue.

Finally near the port you can see the monument of an anonymous Egnousa sailor who is standing in front of his steering wheel. The lyrics of Alexander Pallis are carved on the statue and they are there to remind the children of the island that the sea is where they will find prosperity and glory.