Near the port of Adamas you will see the thousand-year-old church of the Holy Trinity which also houses the Ecclesiastical Museum of Milos. It is a three - nave basilica with a vaulted roof and it is a rare architectural monument. There are only two churches of this type in Greece and the second one is located in Arcadia of the Peloponnese.

The Church was originally created to serve as a monastery, but in 1839 it was bought by  Cretan refugees who turned it into the church of the village. The bell tower is of Gothic style while the door lintels and doorposts are decorated with traditional sculptures and religious motifs. At the courtyard, you will see two mosaics, creations of local artist Giagkos Kavroudakis. They date back to 1937 and one of them represents a dragon in the shape of Milos while the other one depicts the battle of good and evil.

The Ecclesiastical Museum of Milos has been housed here since 2000. You will have the opportunity to admire much of the artistic and hagiographic tradition of the inhabitants of Milos. More specifically, you can see paintings of the 14th century, works of the Cretan School, works of Emmanuel and Antonios Skordilis and other Cretan painters, epitaphs, iconostases of the 17th century, the despotic throne, the temples, silver chalices, censers, golden tributes, rings, necklaces, earrings and other exhibits of high artistic value.

Open hours

  • Daily 09:15-13:15 & 18:15-22:15


  • Free admission