Laconia is unfolding at the southern tip of mainland Europe. A harmonious marriage of contrasts and a multidimensional set of impressive landscapes. The fertile valley of Evrotas, the stone-built Mani, the inaccessible rock of Monemvasia and the majestic Taygetos, the serene Parnonas, the beautiful beaches and traditional villages, the History from ancient Sparta and the prominent place from antiquity cause the miracle.

The ideal climate of Laconia with moderate rainfall and abundant sunshine, are the ideal conditions for the cultivation of olive trees and the overwhelming quality superiority of Laconian virgin olive oil.

All of Laconia is overgrown with olive trees, which the Laconians have planted with great passion since the time of the Turkish occupation. With great affection and care, the farmers of Laconia, operating ecologically and with respect to the environment, planted the blessed olive tree, in the lowlands, in the rhizomes of the mountains and in semi-mountainous areas, since their life was completely identified with the olive tree: a tree that gave always a livelihood for militant farmers. Today we are gazing at the olive groves of Laconia with great admiration and awe, as they include the struggle, the agony, the toil, the toil and the sweat of the unknown Laconian farmer. It took several years for these olive trees to grow and give a good income, because they really are trees of patience and perseverance.

Laconic virgin olive oil is superior to all the olive oils of the Greek area without any question. Each new harvest always symbolizes the new life, the new beginning. Laconia's olive oil is the primary good and is the source of benefits and happiness for its inhabitants.