Just a moment to visit is enough to fall in love with it! It is located just a few kilometers away from Chalkida, at Vasilikos beach, in Lefkandi.

Summer at MAM ... Early in the morning, you enjoy your coffee with a nice, hearty breakfast and ... after digesting, take a dip in the beautiful sea just below. If you want to play it ... a more touristy situation, set on the sun loungers leaving the tranquility of the view to travel you.
As long as it's evening, the cafe gets another personality with the picture becoming atmospheric. Nice choices in music (if you are lucky you will get even a live music night), cool pots, unforgiving coctails and of course the sweet breeze to embrace you. If your appetite keeps catching, ask me to bring you a hearty mam...burger! It will amaze you, like the rest of our kitchen!

Winter at MAM ... Very careful interior decoration and a special alternative style. Hot chocolate, soft music, friendly atmosphere and while watching the wilderness, you feel so lucky that you are in such a cozy place ... In the evenings, you can sit back in the couch or stumble by tasting something from our rich cellar. Every day we have something new to suggest for dinner.