La fiamma Ristorante Italiano is the first Italian restaurant in Chalkis that counts 20 years of life, continuing its successful course in the field of flavors. It also satisfies the most demanding customers, with its traditional Italian recipes, its pure ingredients and the unique value-for-money ratio.
For Mediterranean lovers, Italian cuisine is a taste and refinement station, making us appreciate olive oil, tomato, cheese, wine and, of course, pasta and pizza through an eclectic simplicity that the Italians know to play on the fingers . It's something different (and often more economical) than the classical Greek restaurants we've had.
Who could resist a ravioli scent with ricotta and pesto sauce, a light carbonara with crispy bacon, a piece of juicy pizza with fresh tomato or a cool calabreze salad with chunky chicken pieces? It serves traditional Italian cuisine, with dishes that have their roots in Sicily, Palermo, Naples. Although it is a purely Italian restaurant, it serves a wide variety of pizzas and pasta with several gourmet ... extensions. It satisfies every taste, since the menu is made up of many pasta dishes, pizza-classic and does not always allow the customer to make the pizza he wants with his own choices as well as delicious appetizers, salads and sweets. All these make up the delicious character of the restaurant.
Its constantly renewed cuisine is continuously enriched with new flavors that move around the diptych spaghetti-pizza, without of course neglecting the delicious appetizers and meats of the hour as well as the special sea suggestions. It is, moreover, a Pizzeria Spaghetteria with all the significance of the term and quite affordable prices. It serves pizzas with fresh handmade dough and a wide range of handmade fresh pasta of its own production in a beautiful and "warm" place overlooking the well-known "crazy waters" of Evoikos, a rare phenomenon observed on the Euripus Strait underneath the opening bridge, in which the direction of the flow of sea currents changes every 6 hours.