Although the taverna is famous for its 75 steps it has come a long way since those steps were first built. A lift can now take you from almost ground level to the taverna 3 floors up. So the choice is yours; the steps if you feel energetic or take it easy and ride up. Whichever way you choose to access the taverna the view when you arrive is breathtakingly beautiful.
You will also receive a warm welcome by Tassos and his family. The food served at the taverna is traditional Greek home cooking but with a variety of other dishes to suit everyone.
Thete is plenty of it too, you will never leave there hungry and the prices are very reasonable. Effi, Tassos's wife is the chef and is renowned for her first class food. you can complement your meal by try?ng one of a variety of wines available. Also the locally produced wines are good too.
There is a fantastic atmosphere and ambience about the place, which makes you feel great. you can enjoy your meal and watch the sunset over the rnountains, which is very romantic and the twinkling lights of surrounding mountain villages in the area-very pretty.